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Some Simple Exercises For Raising Focus, Stilling the Mind and Being Present in The Now…

Feed your ambitions not your concerns. Feed your successes not your failures. Your ideas, beliefs and the focus with which you utilize them are directional. They’re heading somewhere. If they feel good, so will be your destination.

If you’re experiencing an especially challenging time, or there’s an area of your life that’s stimulating a high level of fear, concern or anxiety, or other negative feelings (anger, guilt, and so forth) as well as working to expel these feelings, there’s a method you are able to use to assist in keeping your focus away from what you do not desire and adjusted to what you do, in addition to higher, positive vibrations.

For this, at the start of every day, pick either

a)   A goal/ambition you wish to make and manifest however large or small,


b)  A person you greatly look up to and wish to adopt and acquire more of their qualities.

For raising focus you may also like to rehearse the following exercise.

Try gazing at a fixed point in front of you for a time period without distraction (you may like to draw a dot on a piece of paper and adhere it to the wall, or use an existing focus point).

You are able to begin with a 30 second goal of maintaining your focus completely on this point. Try to keep your head clear and still in the process and direct all your attention on the focal point. You’ll be able to then step-up the length of time you keep your focus fixed on one point (say 1 minute, then 1 and a half minutes, and so forth). This is a great exercise for raising focus, stilling the mind and being present and in the now. You’ll be able to then take this exercise into all day by day routines and rehearse being fully present in your activities.

A different way to keep your focus aligned to what you want is to recognize and celebrate your successes. Keep a success diary and note every event and circumstance that is a positive movement towards your goal, including internal qualitative experiences such as how happy and thankful you’re feeling.

Recognizing your advancement increases your focus on the results you want and builds your belief and expectation. Treat yourself for triumphs and accomplishments.