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Knowing Yourself…


As you endeavor to bring more reality into your life, you have to cultivate an elevated degree of self-awareness. This includes becoming cognizant of your strong points, failings, gifts, knowledge, prejudices, attachments, wants, emotions, instincts, habits, and frame of mind.

As humans, we’re frequently filled up with contradictory desires. One piece of us wishes to be fit, happy, and extremely conscious.  A different piece wishes nothing more than to eat, rest, have sex, and sit around.

Without the presence of awareness, we fall into reflex formulas by default, living more like unconscious beasts than totally capable humans.

Realize that your basic awareness doesn’t stay constant.

Occasionally pure logic commands your thinking; other times you’re flooded with emotional fears. Occasionally you feel unbelievably spiritual; other times you’re concerned about your funds.

Occasionally you eat for wellness and energy; other times you fill yourself with all the processed junk food you are able to consume.  When you arrive at choices from a particular frame of mind and act on them, you reinforce that same thing, thereby increasing the odds that you’ll react similarly later.

For instance, if you respond out of anger, you’ll fortify your brain’s anger reaction. If you respond out of forgiveness, you’ll reinforce a merciful reaction. Any established level of awareness has a tendency to repeat itself, so you’ll likely discover yourself going through the same ones over and over.

A substantial portion of personal development demands working to relinquish your attachment to the preprogrammed responses as you pull yourself into higher awareness on a more consistent basis.  Practically, this implies relinquishing dependencies, damaging emotions and fear-based behaviors and substituting them with consciously selected, rationally-centered actions. And in order to successfully alter your behaviors, you have to first formulate an awareness of your ideas.

A great way to build up your awareness is to make your crucial decisions from the most sensible thinking you are able to summon. The best time to make new selections is when you feel awake, clear thinking, and level headed. That’s the time to think about making large shifts in your life like a job change, a relationship change, or relocating to a new city.

Learn to trust those elevated states of consciousness. Put the choices in writing and totally dedicate yourself to them. When you unavoidably sink back down below this elevated state and lose sight of that beneficial perspective, go forward to act on those choices even though you might no longer feel as dedicated to them. Over time, your outside conditions will shift in ways that reinforce those new ways of thinking.

Living consciously becomes simpler with practice.

Once when I was in a state of really elevated awareness, I made the decision to shift careers from writing sales copy to personal growth. That was a reach for me, particularly as my business was working fine, and I still had many big projects in the works. All the same, I felt great about the decision, and I acknowledged it was right.

But naturally a couple of weeks later, I was still going crazy working on the sales business with no end in view. As I slid into less awareness, I started to second-guess my conclusion to shift careers.  I had to remind myself that I’d made the selection from an elevated level of awareness; and it was a good, healthy decision.  This helped me relinquish my resistance and trust the original selection I’d arrived at.

My choices might not be perfect, but when I utilize this process, I may at least trust that I made them properly and from a place of reality. When you consistently make key choices from an elevated level of awareness, they’ll stop shifting back and forth between options.

Realize that when you arrive at choices from a place of rage, concern, sorrow, or guilt, you can’t see the reality because your predictions will be negatively slanted.

Self-awareness is truly reality-awareness. When your awareness is elevated, you’re closer to reality than when your awareness is low. If you can’t see reality, your choices will produce substandard results.  Decisions from reality are more exact and will tend to afford better consequences than those made from not being aware. The key is to utilize your self-awareness to recognize when you’re looking at reality and when you aren’t, and strive to make your crucial decisions only when this principle is working for you.


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