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How The Way You See The World Effects And Shapes Your Reality.


The way you see things is the most basic facet of reality. If you wish to improve some piece of your life, you have to consider it first. For instance, if you wish to understand how your relationship is making out, a great place to begin is to ask yourself: How does this relationship make me feel? What pieces are working well? What pieces need improvement? Ask your mate the same questions and compare your replies. Figuring out everyone’s point of view will help you determine what changes you’d like to make.

 Taking a Fresh Look At The World Around You…

 The way you see things is a key part of personal growth as we respond to what we perceive to be true. Confronting the reality of your situation causes you to spark fresh desires. If you weigh yourself and see that you weigh more than you want, you think, I’d like to slim down. Once you get clear-cut about what you don’t wish, you get clear about what you do wish. These fresh desires may help drive you in a favorable new direction, but nothing will change till you first accept that you’d wish it to.

The beginning step on your path of personal growth has to be to acknowledge that how your life is today isn’t how you wish it to be. It’s all right to want something and have no clue how to acquire it, but it’s not all right to lie to yourself and make believe everything is perfect when you recognize it isn’t.

It’s easy for me to tell you that you ought to face reality, but this may be really hard to do. It’s difficult to accept that you’ve gotten disgruntled with your relationship. It’s difficult to admit that you made the incorrect career choice. It’s difficult to view yourself in the mirror and see that you don’t like the individual you’ve turned into.  But in spite of how hard this is, it’s still essential. You can’t get to where you want to be if you obstinately refuse to admit what needs to change.

What in your life would you like to change? Look around you and discover what you like and dislike about your life story. Don’t fret about setting particular goals yet; simply become mindful of what you perceive and how you respond to it.